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Department of Horticulture

Horticulture Sector has become one of the major drivers of growth in India. Horticulture sector provides employment opportunities across primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. Horticulture crops, particularly fruit crops are relatively resilient to changes in weather conditions. Vegetables are mostly grown by small and marginal farmers and augment the income of farmers. The percentage share of horticulture crops in value of total agriculture output is around thirty percent. It is matter of pride that India is the second largest producer of vegetables and fruits in the world. Karnataka is considered as "Horticultural state" in the entire country as it has made tremendous and versatile achievements in the field of horticulture. The current horticultural crops in the state are grown at 20.63 lakh hectares, with an annual yield of 185.20 lakh metric tonnes. The average productivity of horticultural crops in the state is 8.98 metric tonnes per hectare. In order to provide impetus to the Horticulture Sector, Government of Karnataka has taken several initiatives. The major central and state government schemes being implemented are NHM, RKVY, PMKSY, CDB, Krishi Bhagya and CHD.

About Hasiru

The Department of Horticulture in association with National Informatics Centre (NIC) has developed “HASIRU-Horticulture Application for Scheme Implementation and Regulating Utilization of Funds” an online system for management of beneficiaries to bring about transparency in the projects implementation process, to have the database of the beneficiaries and to execute electronic fund transfer to its beneficiaries.

Starting from the selection of beneficiary, till the disbursement of subsidies to the beneficiaries’ accounts, the software is having capabilities to handle all the processes.

The software links to “FRUITS-Farmer Registration and Unified Beneficiary Information System’’ through web service to fetch the basic details of Farmers.

The software also links with DBT and K2 for disbursement of benefit to the beneficiaries through FRUITS

The software helps in effective and timely implementation of schemes and has real time MIS reports.

"From 2018-19, the Department of Horticulture is implementing all the beneficiary oriented schemes of the Department through HASIRU"

“HASIRU-Horticulture Application for Scheme Implementation and Regulating Utilization of Funds”.

Department Activities

Encoraging Natural Reource

Promote natural resource conservation and environmental improvement

Applying Modern Technologies

Expanding Appropriate / Modern Technology and Developing and Implementing Projects for Specific Areas

Helping in marketing Products

Post-harvest management and market connectivity improvement

Assisting in Credit Fecility

Assisting the farmers in availing credit assistance.

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Organic Cultivation

Provide and support infrastructure and essential services are the major objectives of the Department.

Creating Definite Policies

The Department of Horticulture is responsible for the overall development of Horticulture in the state. by Creating definate pocilies

Providing Irrigation Facility

Helping the farmers to achieve water economy through special irrigation techniques.


Help to increase the production of horticultural crops

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Department of Horticulture

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